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Water is essential for the survival of every living thing. But it's up to people—all people—to protect this precious resource. Explore this site to discover the impacts of your water footprint—the ways you use water in your daily life—on the Great Lakes watershed.

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Maintain Quality. Many plants and animals need water for homes, food, and good health. But they need clean water! Learn how you can keep pollutants out of water. Image: Chicago Zoological Society

Reduce Consumption. Save more than just money. The more water we use, the less there is for other creatures that may need it. Find out how there's only so much to go around—and what that means for you and your pocket.
Image: Chicago Zoological Society

Get Involved. Use your knowledge about water and help others to get involved. Remember that we all have to work together to come up with and practice solutions to water issues.
Image: Chicago Zoological Society

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